City Balloons Houston, Oficial Gemar Distributor in The United States, is a Wholesale and Retail Sale distributor specializing in Balloons and related articles for decorators. We have our showroom with an equipped balloon bar located just 30 minutes from Downtown Houston Tx.

As active and official Gemar Distributors in USA, our mission is focused on provide excellent quality balloons and related articles at competitive prices for decorators, advertisers and resellers in Houston, Texas and other US states. City Balloons is a synonym of quality.

Oficial Gemar Distributor in The United States:

We represent Gemar Balloons in Texas, Gemar products are made in Italy in strict compliance with National and European legislation. 

The company has successfully achieved, the certificate “100% Made in Italy”, issued by the Institute for the Protection of Italian Manufacturers ( that certifies the authenticity, origin and quality of Gemar Balloons. In addition, Gemar’s R&D division is devoted to the continuous improvement of the production processes and organization in order to assure consistent and enduring standards of quality as well as uniqueness of the product. Thanks to the ability of managing technological resources, Gemar has created the world famous Italian Balloon, which is characterized by its unique shape and vitality of colour.

As official Gemar Distributor in Texas we are working to provide high quality of our products and services.




✅ Gemar Balloons are 100% biodegradable.

✅ Gemar Balloons are made by using advanced automated manufacturing procedures to ensure the highest standards of quality and product stability.

✅ Gemar Balloons are resistant, suitable for long-lasting decorations.

✅ Gemar Balloons are certified for their quality by authorized bodies worldwide

✅ City Ballons is official distributor in Texas

✅ As Gemar Distributor in Texas you may Choose from a selection of over 30 different shapes and sizes as well as more than 60 brilliant colors.

✅ Gemar Balloons are made with the finest natural rubber latex available.

✅ Gemar Balloons are equipped with a long neck for easy tie and easy machine imprinting.

✅ Gemar Balloons are good value for money.

✅ Gemar Balloons are suitable for helium and Hi Float.

Come visit us! And see for yourself the large selection of Balloons, and related articles for decorators we carry in inventory. Balloon Bar also available for decorators to use as a working space for their balloon decorations. We also offer free delivery on minimum orders within our surrounding areas.